Turkish food and drink recipe for your next dinner party

Turkish food and drink is one long party

So you are planning a Turkish dinner party? Then you will need food and lots of it, so prepare to Party your way through the alphabet. Forget about three courses, Turkish food and drink start coming and keep on coming! Firstly you will need some appetisers and mezes, served with small glasses of the infamous Raki or yoghurt drinks. When I say appetisers, I am talking about several rounds of wonderful hot and cold dishes that often end up as the main attraction. There are hundreds to choose from, but you should include stuffed vine leaves, mini meatballs, marinated peppers, hummus, cheeses, garlic yoghurt, spicy tomato dip, olives and flatbread. Lots of it! For the main course, oven-cooked foods are just as popular as grilling in Turkey. You will need at least three different ones, so choose two meat and one vegetable to suit all tastes. For instance, a good choice would be marinated chicken kebabs, hearty fried vegetables with beans and a spicy lamb stew. Do not forget the green beans in tomato sauce, stuffed peppers, pilau rice, shepherd’s salad and more bread as dishes. If you can fit anything more in, then it is on to the sweet course. You could try making the favourite A┼čure, with nuts and dried fruits, or Turkish rice pudding, but basically, anything really sweet will fit the bill. The sweeter, the better. Then it is time for a welcome cup of very strong hot coffee served with Turkish Delight, a plate of fresh fruit and maybe one more glass of Raki to relax. Turkish food and drink are really very easy!