I first came to Turkey 20 years ago, enjoying the change from the British weather and food,  I have visited many areas in that time and now return regularly to what is known as the market garden area of Turkey, that is in the Anadolian area of Antalya Certainly the fields, banana plantations and greenhouse support that statement. I have always had an interest in cooking and have been excited to learn new recipes and ways of preparing dishes over the years. I have not been disappointed, the people I have met have all been willing to share knowledge and skills. I do not particularly like my food spicy hot, so I have adapted the recipes to lessen it – please feel free to add more or less. A lot of the recipes are made by feel, no actual quantities so I have had to suggest my own amounts where necessary. Feel free to experiment, for me, that is the joy in cooking and I hope you share it. Afiyet Olsun

By the way afiyet olsun is the equivilent of the French, Bon appetit or the English, Enjoy your meal. The quick ones among you will have noticed the spelling got an extra ‘s’ in the address – deliberate a play on a joke of many years, when I was first learning Turkish I insisted on using the ‘s’ when I wanted something to be plural. The habit has stuck.!!!


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