The History Behind Turkish Food Traditions


Turkey is a country with a long gastronomic history; it’s unique traditions reflect their cultural heritage. As part of the Silk route for many years, and it’s position juxtaposed between Europe and the East, many of the Turkish food traditions centres around being sociable to the many travellers that have passed through. Turks are very social people, welcoming family and strangers alike to share their food. Mealtimes are typically fun, noisy, with food aplenty. Turkey is a vast country with many Turkish food traditions special to a particular area. You will find many a Turk will wax lyrical about ‘Balik Ek MEK’ (fish sandwich bought In Eminonu) Istanbul or Kahramanmaras (ice-cream made in the traditional way). The making and serving of Turkish coffee is a fine art, with a long history back to the Ottoman times. Turkish girls still serve Turkish coffee to potential mothers in law, but there is not as much pressure as there used to be earlier, for it being perfect! Turkish food in the UK is traditionally linked to kebabs and doners, and while these are wonderful, Turkish cuisine is so much more. A Turkish Cypriot chef brings modern culinary arts to traditional cuisine in London, mixing favourites with traditional dishes. Here you can find the ‘ocakbasi’ concept, an indoor BBQ where people can sit and watch their food being cooked. Popular all over Turkey they again epitomise the social aspect of eating. Turkish food offers much to a discerning foodie so if you have not tried anything other than a kebab you are in for a very pleasant surprise.


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