Turkish Restaurants – A Healthy Alternative

Turkish Restaurants - Featuring Vinkara Kalecik Wine

Turkish restaurants keep popping up all over the place but customers are often surprised that the menu features something other than kebabs! For this reason, Turkish restaurants must improve their overall image, thereby raising the expectations of potential diners. Turkish cuisine can be as much of a fine dining experience as any other cuisine and it is among some of the healthiest food around. The abundance of vegetables and the process of using olive oil in the food preparation helps to keep the Turkish diet varied and healthy. The Oklava restaurant London is a great example of a Turkish restaurant that has an array of healthy options on their menu. The food, prepared by Turkish-Cypriot chef, Selin Kiazim, offers a delicious take on the food of her heritage. Lamb and vegetables are featured significantly and an authentic charcoal grill adds to the ambiance of the place, which not only adds a distinct, unique flavour but is also a healthier option for cooking meat. One of the reasons I like to visit them when I’m in London is because of their extensive wine selection. I’m no wine connoisseur by any means, but I really enjoyed trying Vinkara Kalecik wine when I was at the Oklava restaurant. Vinkara wines are Anatolian wines, hailing from the region where my family and I are originally from. The winery is not very old, having been established in the 1960’s, but the quality of their wine is excellent. I always enjoy the food, the wine and the ambiance at Oklava and it also brings back fond memories of my home in Turkey. Visit a Turkish restaurant in your area and discover the variety of healthy dishes and wines available.