Turkish restaurant near me opens its doors

Turkish restaurant near me serves my favourite dessert of all - Künefe

I was so excited to read that a new restaurant was opening and that soon there would be a Turkish restaurant near me. A restaurant that would be easy to get to without having to go all around town, which is the nightmare of my town’s one-way system. Last week we visited and had a meal. I have to say I was very impressed. They had a varied menu with some of my favourites, especially karniyarik (stuffed aubergines). We actually choose to take the table d’hote menu as it looked very appetising and was reasonably priced. We started with Anatolian wedding soup, or Düğün Çorbası. This is a very tasty and filling soup that has a long history, which maybe I will tell you about next post. To follow this soup, we decided on a grilled fish option for the main course. I know, not a very exciting choice, but the fish was fresh and nicely cooked. The main reason we choose fish was to leave enough room for us to have a dessert. My favourite dessert of all time was on the menu: Künefe. This is a sweet cheese dessert that is soaked in sweet syrup, served hot and it just melts in the mouth. Delicious! All in all, an excellent meal and I am so happy that there is now a Turkish restaurant near me I can take friends to and know we will get authentic Turkish dishes.