Turkish Semolina Cake – Revani

One of the tastiest cakes I ever ate in Turkey is one I make frequently here, very popular with a cup of good coffee; I might even get the cezme out on occasions and make Turkish coffee to go with it.

Revani was popular in the Ottoman times and you can just imagine the harem ladies gathering around to eat this delicately flavoured sweet cake. The moist sponge is usually flavoured with lemon as is the syrup that it is soaked in but you can use rose water (very reminiscent of Ottoman Turkey) orange┬ázest or orange flower water, but don’t have too heavy a hand with any of these the flavor should be delicate. I have many recipes for revani given by friends all similar, this one is about the same. A couple of tips:

  • make the syrup the night before, not only to cool down but let the flavour you have used evolve.
  • I always grease my cake tin ( or cupcake cases) with olive oil works better than anything else.
  • I like to use Tesco’s Greek yoghurt – nearest to my favourite suzme Turkish yoghurt.
  • Revani keeps well for a couple of days so it is something you can prepare in advance but be wary of over flavouring if it is going to be sitting.
  • I top with walnuts as I like them but traditionally it is ground pistachio and coconut, really it is to your preference. the cake is versatile but makes an impression.

Afiyet Olsun