Obsession with Turkish Tea

Turkish tea is probably one of the finest tea you will drink- it is the kind of drink you get addicted to from the get go, and it will most certainly change your life. Turkish tea is quite strong, and it is traditionally served black- rather apt, as it is cultivated on the coast of the Black Sea. It is a piping hot drink that makes for the best conversations starter, as well.

Turkish Tea drnk the traditional way

Turkish tea is an extremely strong drink- it is considered an offence to serve someone tea that is weak and light! If you are visiting Turkey, your trip will be incomplete without getting a cup of tea. When you visit a Turkish çay cafe,  you will see that the strong brew is brewed in a traditional a two-tiered tea kettle. This kettle is kept on so that the tea remains hot the entire duration, so that it can be served piping hot, no matter when the client demands it.

If you wish to add some more flavour to the tea, you can opt to put some sugar, honey or lemon in it. Some people prefer Turkish tea drunk straight- without any extra additions as well.

If you have some black tea leaves, you can try whipping up your own Turkish tea at home– you just have to make sure that you have the right kettle to brew the tea in, and the right kind of glasses to serve the tea in, the Turkish are rather specific about the way the tea is served preferring glass to the china we at home.