Some simple but delicious Turkish food

As I visit so often I feel more of a local than a tourist, although I do try and visit new areas in Turkey as often as i can – learning new dishes experiencing new tastes – always exciting and nearly always delicious – I don’t do very spicy!! Thought I would share a couple of the meals I have enjoyed many times on my visits.

Kuzu Tandı

Kuzu Tandı is a lamb dish cooked in the traditional fire-place way. It is hung and cooked over fire or tandoor for 5 hours. The result is a succulent dish. It is served with rice, baked potatoes and yogurt. A delightful dish for non-veggies.

Baklava is a sweet which has heavenly taste. I do not how it is cooked but have never tasted such good sweets in my life. For recipe you can look here.


Pide sometimes called Turkish pizza is a bread which is a native of Turkey. It is served with nice toppings just like in Pizza.


Lokum - Turkish Delight

Lokum popularly known as Turkish delight is a world-famous sweet. Fresh Lokum tastes better than the packaged version available all over the world. You need to come to Turkey to savor the taste.

Iskender kebab

Iskender kebab is lamb cut into long pieces and cooked in tomato curry. The golden color with the tangy taste makes it a favorite at any Turkish restaurant. Generally served with pita bread and Yogurt.

These are five of my favorites. However with so much to choose for I am really spoilt for choice  in Turkey.