Asure or Noah’s Pudding

Asure served in the month of  Muharrem
Asure or Noah’s Pudding

On the 10 day of the month of Muharrem, the first month of the Islamic calendar, it is traditional to serve a dessert called Asure, to family and friends. Whilst in Turkey at this time, you could in one night collect as many dishes of asure as there were apartments in your block. This delicious concoction is also called Noah’s pudding as it is said he made it with all the ingredients left in the Ark.   For me, my memories of Asure start with the knock at door by neighbours sharing their freshly made Asure, accompanied by the rich aroma of cinnamon and warm fruit, nothing quite like it warm. I have included these recipes as it is the one most easily made in the UK, it’s warming and tasty and sweet despite using what we would consider savoury beans.

At this time of year a drink called Boza starts to appear. Now this I think is an acquired taste, one I never quite managed but for many Turks it is what winter is about. It is one of the oldest Turkish beverage and made from fermented grains. It is made from October to April and has an interesting history.

It can be obtained from specialists grocers  in the Uk or take winter trip to Istanbul and try it in Vefa Bozacısı in Vefa Fatih, Katip Çelebi Cad.  A famous historic café where Attaurk drank Boza.

Boza a traditional winter drink from Turkey
Glasses of Boza



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