Warm delicious cheese or potato filled simit for sale on the streets in Turkey
Simitci in Istanbul

Street food in Turkey is varied and delicious. In Istanbul you will find Balik etmek, literally fish sandwiches, especially in the Karaköy or Eminönü shore districts; You will find simitci on most street corners, these are the sellers of bread rings that have been dipped in molasses and covered in sesame seed  and many other tasty delights.  Along with these you will often find poğaça. These are a popular savoury sweetbread roll filled with a variety of things, from meat to cheese and spinach. These are also an easy treat to make at home. I made some for bonfire night and they went down so fast…Next year double the amount! Like many Turkish recipes there are variables by district, family and tradition, mine is from a Turkish friend who lives in Adana.  I filled mine this time with fried mince and peppers seasoned with a little chili and  also made some sweets ones with precooked apple chunks with raisins and cinnamon.


Delcious homemade feta cheese and parsley poğaça

As usual the amounts are somewhat variable…

2 eggs and 1 white (keep the yolk for brushing the tops)

15fl or /pt warm milk.

1 square of yeast.

1 tablespoon sugar

250ml oil

250gr margarine ( block)

1.5 teaspoon salt. (Depending on your filling you could add a seasoning, cumin, mixed herbs etc.)

250 grams yoghurt

As much flour as is needed.

Fillings as desired make sure not “wet” experiment with sweet as well as savoury.

Mix sugar, yeast and milk together until it doubles in quantity.

Add in all the other ingredients, adding flour gradually until the mix leaves the bowl clean.

Leave to rise in warm place for about an hour.

Then pull individual pieces from the dough and roll into balls in your hand.

Make a hole in centre with your finger and put in filling. Press the dough over the hole. Place closed side down. Brush with beaten egg. Place in over at 200˚ until risen and brown and when tapped underneath sound hollow.

Afiyet Olsun…