ATurkish desert pastry, layers of nuts, and pastry covered with honey syrup

Every household or at least the ones I have been in have their own family recipe of baklava. This is the fabulous Turkish pastry that is a mix of very thin flaky pastry filled with nuts and honey syrup. Depending on the area you are from the nuts can be pistachio, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts or a mixture of all.

I cheat, when I’m in Turkey I go to the Yufkacı (maker of Turkish style filo pastry) and buy the pastry. You can use filo or buy from a Turkish or Greek specialty shop. There is no way I can roll it as thin as the ladies I have met. They use an extremely long thin rolling pin and roll to less than 1mm thick – they are very proud of their skills in this and rightly so – mine just came out in holes!

So cheating makes it simple…

Grease a deep based baking tray. Place a layer of dough over it. Sprinkle a handful of your choice of nut, don’t over fill, Continue to layer like this.  How many layers you ask – how long is a piece of string. Really up to your own judgment, I would go for 6-8 layers. End with a dough layer.

Cut into 2-4cm rectangles. Put into 180˚C for 30mins

Cook 1kg sugar with 250grams of water until sugar dissolves and it is starting to thicken. Add 1 tbsp lemon juice, I tbsp honey. Mix together. Let cool.

Pour the cooled syrup over lukewarm baklava and leave for up to an hour in a cool place. Serve with ice-cream if you want and if you can get kahramanmaraș ice-cream you will be in heaven. This is s special ice-cream that you can ‘cut with a knife’.

Kahmarmanmaras the ice cream you can cut with a knife.
Maras ice cream

Afiyet olsun


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